Introducing the Alsharifa Swimsuit

What makes this swimsuit so great

  • Comfortable to swim in

    The swimsuit enables you to glide smoothly in the water without it getting in your way. The material is tailored in a way that improves performance in the water.

  • Attractive Design

    This swimsuit comes in pleasant colour combinations, and without any extraneous logos or insignia. There are no zippers or buttons, which can become snagged or loose after continuous use.

  • Loose-Fit

    Many modest swimsuits on the market are tight or revealing around certain areas of the body. Our standard of modesty is that the swimsuit should be loosely-fitted in a manner that maintains comfort. The Alsharifa swimsuit is neither tight nor overly baggy.  

  • Water-Resistant

    It is constructed from a mix of polyester and spandex with fabric treatment to lower water absorbency.  Some swimsuits absorb water, causing the swimsuit to stick to your body and weigh you down when you come out of the water.  Not this one!

  • Modest

    Cords on each side of the tunic connect to the pants, preventing the swimsuit from floating up while swimming. There are also adjustable clips on the hem of the pants to prevent the pant leg from raising up in the water.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    All of the customers we’ve spoken to have given positive reviews of the Alsharifa swimsuit.  Some of them had previously purchased other swimsuits on the market and weren't pleased. That all changed when they they bought an Alsharifa Swimsuit.

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Choose from the following styles


  • Sleeves less fitted
  • Adjustable cords
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  • Longer Tunic
  • Adjustable cords
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  • Sleeves are fitted
  • Adjustable cords
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