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At Bahiya Collections we understand the challenges women face when shopping for modest clothing.  We also appreciate your desire to look beautiful and not compromise your faith in doing so.  Providing solutions to this problem was one of the primary drivers for the creation of Bahiya Collections.

Our purpose is to offer women attire that is modest, timeless and unique. Our distinct feature of sourcing our clothing from reputable Muslim designers helps us to achieve this objective.  We offer you stylish pieces, in a modestly acceptable form.

We are a strong supporter of Muslim owned and operated businesses.  All of our suppliers and partners are Muslim. We would like to pass on to our customers the satisfaction of building and sustaining Muslim businesses in the community through their support of Bahiya Collections. 

Lastly, we ask Allah to put baraka in our business and allow us to serve the Muslim community successfully. Ameen


Bahiya Collections is purely an online business. We do not have a physical store presence. Our orders are shipped from Mississauga, Canada. For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, you have the option of picking up your orders directly from our location in Mississauga, and avoiding the shipping charges.

If you have any questions about our business, please feel free to contact us.

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